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Arts & Crafts

About Us

Our Impact

Performing Art Class

Global Impact

A passionate team of 35+ youth in 9 branches across 7 countries.

Painting Eggs

Making the arts accessible

We've given out $1k worth of art supplies & covered 50-85% of instrument rental costs

Remote Learning

15k impacted online

by our free online piano resources including lesson videos, homework, & music scores 

Creating Art

$10k raised annually

All our revenue goes back into impacting children & youth around the globe

Piano Lesson

Piano Lessons, $0-10

We've taught 1600+ lessons to 110+ students, trained 55+ teachers,  & saved parents $40k


A diversity of more than 8 programs

ranging from hosting Piano Teacher conferences to knitting winter items for the homeless

Our Story

We were founded in the summer of 2019 by a group of high school students with a common vision: to touch people's lives through our passion, the arts. Since then, we've done everything from knitting winter items for the homeless to running art competitions for kids, and have expanded to a team of over 35 people around the world across offices in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, China, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


In July 2020, we created an affordable piano program that is the first of its kind, bringing together youth who've grown up with music with children who can't afford music lessons. This way, teachers benefit from experience, and children benefit from affordable, enjoyable lessons. Then, in June 2021, we created a similar program for visual arts, and have since expanded to everything from trombone to clarinet.

Thus far, over 110 students and 55 teachers from across the world have registered for our lesson programs. We've cumulatively saved parents over 40,000 dollars and taught over 1600 lessons to children, while raising more than 10,000 dollars annually to help us create more opportunities for children.

To support this program, we created our own piano learning resources in the spring of 2020 with 11 lessons, each containing a Youtube lesson video, homework, and music scores. All of it is absolutely free.  These resources have been used by over 15,000 people.

In August 2021, we held a Piano Teacher Conference: A Glimpse of Piano Pedagogy. Aiming to expose teachers to the insights of highly respected pedagogues, we brought together some of Canada's most well-known and accomplished teachers to speak. We had over 160+ registrants, and 90% of attendees found the conference insightful, engaging, and impactful.

Meet the Team

Jerry Li

Founder - President

Jasmine Jiang

Chief Marketing Officer

Bella Wang

Founder - Past Secretary

Meghan Lee

Founder - Treasurer

Darsan Qi

Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Chen

Vice President

Chris Fauquier

Business Trustee

Michelle Tan

Chief Transformation Officer

Rona Kong

Founder - Past VP


Caroline Liu

Regional Executive Director - Alberta, Canada

Anita Hao

Quality Control, Piano

Elisa Su

Executive Director of Quality Control, Piano

Joshua Liwanag

Director of Trombone Program

Stefanie Rivera

Social Media Director

Emmanuel Wang

Director of Legal Affairs

Caroline Dratnal

Director of Music Performances

Mia Curry

Director of Video Marketing


Michelle Tan

Regional Executive Director - Ontario, Canada

Cindy Chen

Ontario Director of Graphic Design

Thomas Liang

Director of Piano Program, Ontario

Matthew Chen

Ontario Director of Marketing

Laasya Boppana

Ontario Director of Outreach

British Columbia

Ashley Jang

Regional Executive Director - British Columbia, Canada

Kaitlyn Jang

British Columbia Marketing Director


Rose Nettleton

Regional Executive Director - Australia

Aditya Dutta

Regional Executive Director - Singapore

Rosalyn Weng

Director of Piano Program, United States

James Tcheng

Director of Clarinet Program, United Kingdom

Hanna Maeyama

Regional Executive Director - Brazil

Leslie Liu

Director of China Operations

Isabell Chen

Director of ABRSM Curriculum

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